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What is Experimental?


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This is a brand new subgenre for CLLV. BPM does not define it. You will find something that isnt quite Trap, Dubstep, DnB, or many other heavier genres, but still has this futuristic sound of space, ambient noises, long drawn out synths, and sometimes vocals (mostly just samples). Drop the weirdest stuff you can find into this section!




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I've said this before, and I will say it again as we go into the new year: 

There have been so many tunes moved from halftime to experimental that proves mods are misidentifying music genres....especially when some of the artists themselves define their work as halftime. 

Halftime section has been robbed an easy 10-20% of it's tunes moved to experimental. 
To the point, it's beyond listing which ones; It's A LOT. 

Idk if there is reputation gained/issued for moving stuff, but I can't think of any other motive outside of anarchy that some of these songs would be moved.

If you have the ability to moderate, you have a responsibility to do so correctly. 
What was once a lively halftime thread is now rather hollow from it's once healthy standing. 

I did some searches of downright halftime tunes, and guess what section they are found in: Experimental/free-form. 

Not trying to be an arse, but here to say if you're gonna do anything, be sure that it's right. 
Otherwise, you might be inadvertantly destroying a community you apparently don't understand enough of before moderating it.

 I've been on this forum now for 10+ years and have seen some highs and low on this site, but what I don't want to happen is what has happened previously to other sub-genre threads. 

I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

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I believe this all stemmed from a decision that was made a while ago, which happened to be referenced in a topic I was reading.

@FrnchPAir Do you remember which topic had the discussion with halftime vs experimental in it?

Anyways after that discussion, there were a lot of topics reported someone being directed to that decision. So I assumed this was what the community/staff wanted. 


To be honest, I was just going by that decision.

I actually agree that a lot of the tunes would be better in the halftime/halfstep section. So I'm fully prepared to move stuff back.

But I think we need some more open discussion here as to the reasoning behind the decision in the first place. 

@TR0LL  I believe the halftime section is the true home for a lot of the tracks you're talking about. So I'm on board with you...

Leading up to that decision I always thought that the experimental section was for IDM-esque stuff. 

Please make use of the report button if you happen to be on one of those topics that needs to be moved.


Anyone else want to chime in?

@Jim Hopper@logic@Ganjastep

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