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Eric Prydz - Call On Me (Sullivan Bootleg)


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Once again: if you’re talented don’t be stupid at least! You can share your music many ways and have the same amount of appreciation, but once anyone of your fans realises you are the one shares music on a pirate site you are literally FUCKED, including your career. All I meant: do not use your artist name as a member, very easy to recognise ;) Cool stuff btw!  

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It’s not about me being envy of producers, no worries.. On this site everyone is welcomed, this is the main factor, open window to the world. Let’s imagine our talented boy goes to a label with the first ep and gets everything sorted but a week later some of his label mate recognises his tune on an old site he was also lurking decades ago and happen to mention it.. Better to use your alterego, that’s where I’m coming from, no one will believe you just shared your love on a pirate site, this is a place to download guys, main reason everyone got here. 

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