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  1. Guest


    whats the best vst/plugins for dnb ?
  2. YO just trying to sort out massive ,, i have a bunch of sounds i want to use thru ableton but i carn't seem to find how to load massive into ableton ? ? any ideas ? thanks
  3. Ive been looking for this VST for a while now..if you can help me out that would be AWESOME! thanks!! :)
  4. prototype

    massive vst problem

    hello guys i just updated the new version of massive and installed it. but when i open massive it doesnt start with her untitled sound but with another sound...so guys please what to do ? how to set the untitled sound ? so this is how the standart massive started before with his untitled sound first : BEFORE UPDATE and this is how she open right now updated : i mean every osc and filers are on AFTER UPDATE
  5. Just bombed my macbook again because it died.. :/ Lost all my vsts and forgot where i found them so if anyone would like to upload some or link me to them that'd be swell :)! Ni massive (Only Latest Ver.) Ni FM8 ReFx Nexus CamelPhat All the camel audio possible Ozone Izotope FabFilter + If you have / know any good vsts share them too :)! Huge Thanks :)!!! (beer)
  6. Works very well! However during installation the the files may be confusing. It does work though/ http://bitshare.com/files/7tmhqxgw/koevq.iZotope.Ozone.Advanced.v5.0.3.VST.x86.x64.PROPER.FIXED.rar.html
  7. Really really need a vst that has some big lead keys like the song below. Ifanyone knows a VST that has the same sorta sound post link or name please :)?? OR If you know how to make this sorta sound in massive that'd be cool. Song https://soundcloud.com/heiserkofficial/gooooooooing-ham Thanks :)
  8. Blazen

    Ableton wont find VST

    I just download Voxengo's SPAN VST and everytime I have Ableton search for new VSTs it wont show up. Does anybody know how to fix this? I feel like im doing it 100% right, there is a video of what I am doing below. And yes I tried the "Setup help" from the zip file.
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