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Skins - Fruity Loops 12 Tutorials


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I've decided to make a series on Fruity Loops production from my point of view. A not too serious (but informative!) series on how the   F#ck?.. Fruity Loops works. 

We'll hopefully end up making many videos on music production, composing melodies, mixdown, synthesis, sound theory .. mastering.. and probably a lot of stuff in between. 

In this first episode we'll be talking a little about what is what when Fruity Loops opens up for the first time. The overall introduction of my series and a little preview of a track I've been working on at the end (don't mind the stutters at the end, I'm going to fix it!) 

Any comments or ideas for next time? I'll be sure to try and add it!

*EDIT 13-2-2017* - I've added the second class. 

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