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Looking for producers for the game Splitgate: Arena Warfare


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Maybe you've seen my post in general, but it thought it be better to try and find producers here.

I know some amazing producers are part of the community, and I'd like to know who would like to be part of helping create the soundtrack.

check out the game in my previous post here; 


I'm very sure this game will get big, so this could be an amazing opportunity for exposure.
the game is very fast paced so you can go nuts production wise.

Once i have a few more people on board I will redirect you to the devs and they will explain their vision to guide the production process.

I hope I can get some of yall talented bastards on board ;).


Thx in advance !!

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On 2-8-2018 at 8:41 PM, chodibeatz said:

 very Cool :) 

I don't have enough orchestral sounds to start this yet
I'd like to see what people have submitted so far.

no actual submissions yet, i'm just handing people's info and or demo's over to the devs

the main vibe of the game is halo inspired with a vibe of neon/cyber-ish punk. That way you know what to expect. If you join the discord you can find many gameplay clips for audio that's allready in the game.



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