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how do i get this sound?


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More ways will bring you to the target sound ;) 

Maybe you find an sample who sounds like it or you do it your own way - I would open a normal Synth which produce a solid tone and control it via a LFO to make the "snipping" chords. When it sounds like it boost it with EQs. I think it is a lot of work to accomplished such a sound.

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I'm surprised nobody's mentioned anything about attack, decay, sustain & release, as that's pretty much all you need for it to work. Open up a synth I'd say a saw wave would be closest, quite a high octave, quite high attack, quite low decay & sustain a little bit extra release not too much & the rest could be done using reverb to make the sound bigger.

If you use an LFO not only would you have to create it a different way but you wouldn't have as much freedom with it, unless you put in loads of automation, which can be messy and takes longer, it'd be easier to create it how I said and put in the main notes and then create a duplicate synth with either less or more release or reverb for the faster rolls in between for variety.

Disclaimer: this ain't my style of music and I don't really create it myself but that's how I'd do it if I were gonna.

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