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Best/Most Used Synths


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Hi guys,

A short prelude.

I've been practicing production in FL XL. But without any third party plugins !

Why? Seemed like a good way to learn synthesis. No cheap tricks allowed, and no preset shopping either.

But I've reached the limit now. Time to expand.

I've allready mastered Massive a while ago before this little experiment. Quite good at Harmor resynthesis.

But what am I forgetting/missing out on?

Tried Alchemy and some other big synths, but wasn't able to understand them fully previously.

And well, I thought others might benefit from this question.

My thanks in advance.


*Current project in FL


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Never even heard of spire. It looks fun to play with and 4 oscillators? Beat that massive :p

lol spire is amazing. it took me a while to jump on board but it's a real decent synth. i still use massive here and there but use spire over sylenth now

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