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Hello everyone, I am a long time user of ClubLandLV. I first got into marketing and advertising after releasing some of my own music with very little success in physical downloads. I have been working on building my own marketing and promotions business over the last few years because of this and I am looking to give back to the CLLV community especially via partnerships with a couple of artists who are doing what I was doing, sharing my music with others on this forum. I also am able to do website development and hosting if you plan to own your own domain at a very good cost rather than expensive services, I have a server that I am able to host from. I also do graphic design work and marketing material design. This year I am planning on developing Telegram channels which I will also use as tools to promote artists and ticketed events.

Please let me know via DM if any of you upcoming producers are interested in some sort of partnership with me this year and I can help you reach a global audience, I am currently reaching US, Britain, China, Russia, Italy, Canada, France, India and generating about 40,000+ unique impressions a day to each of our campaigns.


~ Derek

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