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  1. Didn't see this one up.. Here's the fixed link :D http://www16.zippyshare.com/v/56780225/file.html :D Sorry for the name mistake!!
  2. Okay, so I have a question about cutting songs into stems. Lets say you have a dubstep song and you want to make a dnb tune out of it. The problem is that the dubstep-rhythm snares hits not simultaneously with the dnb ones. Equalizing is almost impossible because the snare hits through a wide frequency range. The kick isn't a problem. Now, I'm pretty sure that there is a way since there are many refixes from drumstep to dnb or the other way 'round , like the Phiso VIP of Culprate's 'Diablo', even without having the original stems. I just don't get HOW they do it! Read through several threads outside this forum & nobody seems to know. It would be really sick if you guys could help me here! :) Cheers!
  3. it hits at about 2:11, im decently skilled at massive and rayblaster however i just purchassed komplete 9 ultimate and from first impressions it sounds like maybe fm8 posesses the potential but im as noobish as they come at it atm
  4. Sonic Academy: Make Music with Reason 6 TUTORiAL DOWNLOAD INFO Hoster: Uploaded.net Protected: Relink.us Password: soundz Size: 387.49 MB Release Group: SYNTHiC4TE Release Date: 9th January 2013 PRODUCT INFO Over the next 12 videos our beginners guide to making music takes you step by step through Propellerheads groundbreaking software Reason 6. Designed for beginners, this course is the perfect for those of you who want to get stuck into making dance music in Reason 6. Tutorial 1 - Session Set Up Tutorial 2 - Kong Drum Beat Tutorial 3 - Dr. Rex Percussion Tutorial 4 - Thor Bassline Tutorial 5 - Pads Tutorial 6 - FX Tutorial 7 - Send & Return FX Tutorial 8 - Basic Arangement Tools Tutorial 9 - Audio Editing Tutorial 10 - Automation Tutorial 11 - Basic Mixing & Mastering Tutorial 12 - Exporting HOMEPAGE http://www.sonicacademy.com/Training+Videos/Course+Overview//Learn-How-to-Make-Music-in-Reason-6.cid4859 DOWNLOAD Uploaded.net Download via uploaded.net Container PW: soundz
  5. Watch the Tutorial here http://youtu.be/Gbs-qHqmic4Done by Grimehouse Download the Patch Here HERE
  6. Hi everyone. In this tutorial show as do Hardstyle Lead What will need -Synapse Dune Ok first step is select preset Init Patch Step two. Select saw oscillation and set FAT to the max OSC MIX set on 0% and set semi on -12%. Step three. Set VOICES on 6 VOICES and set DETUNE on 62% and set SPREAD on 100% Step four Set CUTOFF to the max, set RESO on 20%, ENV on 42% KEY TRACK on 0%, OFFSET also 0% and set filter LP LEADDER 24db Step five Create LFO, LFO 1 set waveform LFO on SINE and set RATE on 1/8T, SKEW set on 48% and turn SYNC and RESET LFO 2 Select waveform TRIANGLE, set RATE on 3.2Hz SKEW and FADE-IN set on 0% LFO 3 Set as LFO 2 Step six is create AMP ENVELOPE ATTACK set on 0% DECAY set on 48% SUSTAIN set on 90% and RELASE set on 37% Ok, Step seven is FILTER ENVELOPE ATTACK set on 0% DEECAY set on 50% SUSTAIN set on 0% and RELASE set on 100% Step eight is MOD ENVELOPE ATTACK set on 0% DEECAY set on 50% SUSTAIN set on 0% and RELASE set on 50% OK Step nine is Effect Distort Set TYPE on HP ONLY, COLOUR set on 310Hz DRIVE set on 75% and AMOUNT 45% TuT from 4musicproducers.com by Nu-Style
  7. Just posting this video - I found it extremely useful when I was learning to mix. It's relevant for all kinds of equipment - MIDI, CDJS etc. Thought it may be handy for some people out there. Enjoy.
  8. Hye guys! I could use an good synth tutorial to get little started with reason. Reason is kinda new for me so, thats the reason why I ask this to you guys! So i've searched alot but only found those crappy tutorials.. Maybe someone with an good tutorial or an malstorm file were I can 'mess' with? Every tip,tricks or hints are more then welcom! Respect (ganja2)
  9. corehardyo

    Unbelievable helpful tutorial

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHvS-D5UibI&feature=related 3 parts of how receptor is doing his tunes. he doesn't talk or explain anything, but you can see how it's done! a huge dnb producer, who did this noisia remix of alpha centauri!
  10. Conservatorium Of Audio - Native Instruments Massive In-Depth TUTORIAL http://jumbofiles.com/76e0f3qz4r7lhttp://jumbofiles.com/j43bdly9h3is http://jumbofiles.com/mhehmekuo1ic http://jumbofiles.com/iizby2ziriy5
  11. Tom Cosm-glitch/dubstep tutorial http://jumbofiles.com/0yrzx3yreqzihttp://jumbofiles.com/vmg5wmgtdl6b http://jumbofiles.com/rcucpli4im2q http://jumbofiles.com/u5jm6z10rtla http://jumbofiles.com/cdwrklplxryk http://jumbofiles.com/m1muj7q6pwv3 http://jumbofiles.com/bwtd9aqxh01p
  12. Class is in session! (yeah) Macprovideo Ableton Live collection. Brought to you by digitalfilth (bomba)
  13. Dubba Jonny - Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial (Chronex Re-Edit). Size: (9.45MB) | Bitrate: 320kbps | Duration: 4:06 http://hulkshare.com/i3ty7vdg8k8h soundcloud.com/chronex/dubba-jonny-not-another-ukf Links: http://www.youtube.com/Chronexdub http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chronex/156598401080570 http://www.youtube.com/user/chronexdub http://www.last.fm/user/iChronex http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/92841014/file.html
  14. Sonic Academy: Drum & Bass 2012 in Ableton Live DOWNLOAD INFO Hoster: Uploaded.net Protected: Relink.us Password: soundz Size: 915.76 MB Split: 476.84 MB Release Group: SYNTHiC4TE Release Date: 18 January 2013 Format: TUTORIAL PRODUCT INFO Brand new for 2012 is our updated How To Make Drum N Bass course. Taking on board all the latest sounds and techniques this course will show you how to make a DnB track with skyscraping melodies and bowel rumbling basslines. Using on board Ableton instruments and FX plus the state of the art Sonic Academy ANA synth, this course shows you everything you need to make a massive sub slaying monster. Tutorial 1 - Basic Drum Beat Tutorial 2 - Percussion Loops Tutorial 3 - Parallel Drum Compression Tutorial 4 - Drum Mix Channels Tutorial 5 - Reese Bass Tutorial 6 - Reese Bass FX Tutorial 7 - Filtered Choir Pad Tutorial 8 - Rhodes Melody Tutorial 9 - String Sounds & Key Change Tutorial 10 - Distorted Lead Tutorial 11 - Vocal Processing Tutorial 12 - Arranging the Intro Tutorial 13 - Intro Vocals Tutorial 14 - Intro Risers Tutorial 15 - Main Groove Edits Tutorial 16 - Arrange to the Breakdown Tutorial 17 - Breakdown Arrangement Tutorial 18 - Arrangement to the Outro Tutorial 19 - Outro Arrangement Tutorial 20 - Drum Fills Tutorial 21 - Crashes, Splashes and Stabs Tutorial 22 - Mixdown & Tweaks Part 1 Tutorial 23 - Mixdown & Tweaks Part 2 Tutorial 24 - Mixdown & Tweaks Part 3 Tutorial 25 - Basic Mastering PLATFORM: Ableton DURATION: 04h 30m LEVEL: Intermediate TUTOR: Graham Ginty HOMEPAGE http://www.sonicacademy.com/Training+Videos/Course+Overview//How-To-Make-Drum---Bass-2012-using-Ableton-Live---How-To-Sound-Like-Netsky.cid5278 DOWNLOAD Uploaded.net Download via uploaded.net Container PW: soundz
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZpRVgdZrJc
  16. Preferably with Massive FM8 or Omnisphere(lol) WELL the zippy upload thing wasnt working so heres a youtube link:
  17. Groove3 - Starting a Club Track with Live 9 TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE | May 05 2013 | 469 MB | Hoster: Uploaded.net INSPIRATION MADE EASY: Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan is back and ready to show that you dont need any fancy third party plug-ins or instruments to make a great track in Live 9. In this series Timothy starts a club track using randomly selected samples, with Live 9 instruments and processing only! Timothy also includes his Live session file and samples so you can work and experiment along with him. Timothy begins the series with a short introduction to what you can expect from this series. Next its on to sample selection. Timothy does this randomly, by turning Lives preview function off, and is unable to hear the samples he is selecting until they are in his session, and loaded into channels! Timothy goes over the thought process for deciding what kind of track to make and then jumps right onto creating the initial lead sound. From there Timothy adds drums and other percussion, including toms, hi-hats, pads and much more. Throughout the series Tim discusses and demonstrates the importance of EQing in the mix, sidechain techniques, volume saturation, frequency splitting and many other creative techniques. If you use Ableton Live 9, this series from Timothy Allan will help you get your club track off to a great start. Its inspiration made easy- Get "Starting a Club Track with Live 9″ today. Product Hightlights 17 in-depth Tutorials / Almost 3 Hours of Runtime For all intermediate to advanced Ableton Live 9 users Tutorials by dance music super producer Timothy Allan Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod Homepage Starting a Club Track with Live 9 - by Timothy Allan Download Peeplink.in Download Link Password: soundz
  18. Pt 1 The Drums Pt 2 Intro Arrangement
  19. OLD* Well here you go. One of the best tutorials made for massive. I have both series for you to download. This is for learning purposes please purchase them if they are helpful to you. It will help support the site to make more tutorials and helps us all to learn more. *OLD *****UPDATE****** Ok there is some confusion here........... There are 2 tutorials here. probably should have mentioned that in the title but whatever.......... There is (The Secrets of Massive - Learn Every Function) AND (Sound Design with Massive - Make Any Sound) THE PASSWORD IS haggy Hope this is cleared up. Sorry for the late update. here ya go! The Secrets of Massive - Learn Every Function There are 7 parts each 100mb each Here are parts 1-5 http://www.mediafire.com/?07fywb56yn61izw,x8mns2nyxypbmgb,z74x7ls9zbu6k95,njld31n87sm8n5w,m9056tqzxhw694a,y5wgpbxa5abbz9a Here are parts 6-7 http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/23123120/file.html http://www59.zippyshare.com/v/99964168/file.html Sound Design with Massive - Make Any Sound There are 3 parts 100mb each Here are parts 1-3 Massive Tutorial 2.part1.rar Massive Tutorial 2.part2.rar Massive Tutorial 2.part3.rar
  20. bassskanka

    Mastering with Waves TUTORiAL

    Mastering with Waves TUTORiAL http://jumbofiles.com/bbg3fmcpt047http://jumbofiles.com/q14jiukmt5eo http://jumbofiles.com/nmrhjy57h53l http://jumbofiles.com/o1wd1wm1173w
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