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  1. So this will be the first time I've sent a track in to be mastered. I'm looking for some advise on getting the best quality track for this person to master. Do I keep the keep the master channel clean? Using Ozone 5 and a limiter as is. Since I usually "master" my tracks to the best of my ability. So I'm wondering if it is going to be harder for him to master it properly using the current "mastered" version I have now. Or should I take off the ozone and give him a raw version. With that being said.. If I were to turn off Ozone as the track is now, there are obvious level issues and adjustments needed to get a balanced export. So my question is basically this. Send him the version I have now, with Ozone. Or turn off ozone and do some adjustments on the channel levels to get things sounding even. Thanks in advance and hope that all makes sense.
  2. This is an issue I have had for sometime now, but as my knowledge of mastering and EQ'ing have got better I still have this problem. When I go to export a track out of ableton, the overall volume of the track is too low compared to tracks that are mastered properly.. My export options are set at 24bit, and no dither. My master has ozone 5 on it, using one if the basic electro mastering presets. My channels are EQ'd to the best of my ability. It doesn't master if I have ozone activated or not during export, it still lacks volume. I'm sure there are many reasons, or maybe just one, as to why this happens. Any Info in it would be greatly appreciated! (ganja3)
  3. I'm making mastering templates on FL10-11 I was wondering if we could contribute a few mastering templates to share to everyone. :)
  4. Heey there :) I am working on the mastering side of music in my music class and i thought it would be a great opportunity for me to get a lil head start on the guys in the class and get some more mastering done. Ive worked on a couple tracks my self and the more i do the better.. So I would like to master some peoples tracks, Im not exactly a professional engineer but im not clueless of what im doing.. So if you have a track you would like mastered or would just like to throw a random track at me send it to me or post it below :)!!! (beer)
  5. Been looking at a lot of recording arts programs in my area and other locations. Just curious as to what kind of education background other people have and what you would recommend for someone looking to take this seriously. What makes a good program and what should I be looking for? Would it make more sense to take the ableton certification course first? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. notoriz

    Mastering and key

    Hello Clubland This is my latest song, i have tried some new mastering techniques and a new way to build the keys. Is there anything you could recommend with my mastering and does it sounds like it is in key all the way? http://soundcloud.com/pentia/silent-heart
  7. I am looking for anyone who would be willing to master 2 electronic tracks for free. You can listen to the tracks below. If you are interested, please hmu and I will send you the tracks by FTP. Thanks. http://soundcloud.com/electronicchronic_abq/hydrangea/s-kIVzU http://soundcloud.com/electronicchronic_abq/sen/s-Y3UpX
  8. Can somebody tell me where I can find a good & cheap (or free ofcourse) mastering service? Or should I learn mastering my self (but I think hat I would fuck it up then :l)?
  9. bassskanka

    Mastering with Waves TUTORiAL

    Mastering with Waves TUTORiAL http://jumbofiles.com/bbg3fmcpt047http://jumbofiles.com/q14jiukmt5eo http://jumbofiles.com/nmrhjy57h53l http://jumbofiles.com/o1wd1wm1173w
  10. B-Trix - My Love Is Chord (Original Mix) Without Mastering...I'm learning:) 12.2 MB/320Kbs http://www26.zippyshare.com/v/33068843/file.html :D My first song :D
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