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Found 30 results

  1. Groove3 - DJ with Ableton Live Complete Vol.1-2 [2009-2010] Hoster: Uploaded.net Protected: Relink.us Password: soundz Size: 656,07 MB Release Group: unknown Release Date: 2009-2010 Language: English DJ with Ableton Live Vol.1 LEARN TO DJ WITH ABLETON LIVE Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough takes you through the fundamentals of DJ'ing with Ableton Live. Completely shot in Live 8, this title demystifies many of the commonly misunderstood and overlooked skills and techniques needed to create a solid foundation for a DJ set. Learn tempo matching, filtering, warping, mapping controllers and much more. It's time to get the club moving... Product Hightlights 13 in-depth Tutorials / Over 1.5 Hours of Runtime For all beginner to intermediate DJ's and Ableton Live users Tutorials by Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC Homepage Learn how to DJ with Ableton Live - Tutorials by Certified Trainer Craig McCullough DJ with Ableton Live Vol.2 DJ DEEPER WITH ABLETON LIVE Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough follows up with a new series about DJ'ing with Ableton Live. Shown in Live 8, this new series continues where Craig left off, going deeper into the world of DJ'ing with Ableton Live. Discover advanced warping techniques, tempo mapping, advanced locator usage, Looping on the fly, building effects racks, tips & tricks and much more... If you're a DJ and use Ableton Live, watch these videos and see how much better your DJ set becomes. Product Hightlights 24 in-depth Tutorials / Over 2 Hours of Runtime For all beginner to intermediate DJ's and Ableton Live users Tutorials by Ableton Certified Trainer Craig McCullough Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC Homepage DJ with Ableton Live - Vol 2 by Craig McCullough DOWNLOAD Uploaded.net Download via ul.net
  2. YO just trying to sort out massive ,, i have a bunch of sounds i want to use thru ableton but i carn't seem to find how to load massive into ableton ? ? any ideas ? thanks
  3. DJ Toast

    DJ Toast - Bass Blossom

    http://soundcloud.com/djtoast/bass-blossom Free 320 :) Enjoy(yes)
  4. This is an issue I have had for sometime now, but as my knowledge of mastering and EQ'ing have got better I still have this problem. When I go to export a track out of ableton, the overall volume of the track is too low compared to tracks that are mastered properly.. My export options are set at 24bit, and no dither. My master has ozone 5 on it, using one if the basic electro mastering presets. My channels are EQ'd to the best of my ability. It doesn't master if I have ozone activated or not during export, it still lacks volume. I'm sure there are many reasons, or maybe just one, as to why this happens. Any Info in it would be greatly appreciated! (ganja3)
  5. Does anyone know if there is any limitations with a cracked version of ableton? I finally got a job where I can afford to buy it. However, I don't want to drop 500 and only use it for a little bit so I got a cracked version. This way I can start to use it more and see if I really want to buy it. I want to know if everything works fine on it. The PC I will be installing it on will not have internet access. Thanks.
  6. Been looking at a lot of recording arts programs in my area and other locations. Just curious as to what kind of education background other people have and what you would recommend for someone looking to take this seriously. What makes a good program and what should I be looking for? Would it make more sense to take the ableton certification course first? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
  7. DJJoeMcGee

    Simple Ableton Question

    I'm new to Ableton so this is probably an easy question to answer inf you know anything about it but I havent been able to figure it out. I havent been able to make a tracks in ableton, but I can make midi clip loops. Say I make a drum loop in impulse then a synth loop in Massive... Then what do I do? How do I get the Midi clips into the main track? (facepalm)
  8. Tom Cosm-glitch/dubstep tutorial http://jumbofiles.com/0yrzx3yreqzihttp://jumbofiles.com/vmg5wmgtdl6b http://jumbofiles.com/rcucpli4im2q http://jumbofiles.com/u5jm6z10rtla http://jumbofiles.com/cdwrklplxryk http://jumbofiles.com/m1muj7q6pwv3 http://jumbofiles.com/bwtd9aqxh01p
  9. Big Narstie - Gas Leak (Wrekafekt Remix) http://soundcloud.com/wrekafekt/wrekafekt-blow-up-clip feedback appreciated, i'll be updating this with a download link once the contest is judged and over (beer)
  10. Hey guys, thanks for checkin the thread out. So, right now I'm using Ableton Suite 8 (Live 8.2.6) and NI Massive (ver. 1.1.4). It seems that I have a good set up to start making tracks. I'm shooting to make Drumstep, Dubstep, Moombah, DnB, Dirty Electro House. Right now I am probably 10% knowing how to fully use each program. So my questions are: How do I make good sounds in Massive? How do I create Basslines? (what instruments do I use, techniques, etc) How do I filter certain things in a song? How to I make a reverse snare hit? (that woosh right before the snare hits) How do I create a build up noise? (that build up noise you hear about 4 - 8 measures before any drop) Side Note: My friend has the same set up, but he buys pre made loops and noises online. It might just be me but I think that is cheating because he has no idea how to make his own sounds, and he just copy pastes every noise he bought. Is this a good way to make music??
  11. Does anyone have this? And would you share it?
  12. Class is in session! (yeah) Macprovideo Ableton Live collection. Brought to you by digitalfilth (bomba)
  13. Hello! I have been using the same version of ableton for about 2 years and have rarely had it crash on me, over the last few weeks every time I use ableton for a track (and previous version of the track) that I have been making for almost a year now it crashes when I am either playing the track or trying to export the audio. I have absolutely no idea what is going on and have tried uninstalling, reinstalling the version 8.01 and 8.1.1 that I had originally been using and even installed 8.2.2 and tried to use that but it crashes as well! Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, I have plenty of memory in my computer that I use to produce so it isn't a lack of space. Again thank you so much for any help or advice!
  14. Sonic Academy: Drum & Bass 2012 in Ableton Live DOWNLOAD INFO Hoster: Uploaded.net Protected: Relink.us Password: soundz Size: 915.76 MB Split: 476.84 MB Release Group: SYNTHiC4TE Release Date: 18 January 2013 Format: TUTORIAL PRODUCT INFO Brand new for 2012 is our updated How To Make Drum N Bass course. Taking on board all the latest sounds and techniques this course will show you how to make a DnB track with skyscraping melodies and bowel rumbling basslines. Using on board Ableton instruments and FX plus the state of the art Sonic Academy ANA synth, this course shows you everything you need to make a massive sub slaying monster. Tutorial 1 - Basic Drum Beat Tutorial 2 - Percussion Loops Tutorial 3 - Parallel Drum Compression Tutorial 4 - Drum Mix Channels Tutorial 5 - Reese Bass Tutorial 6 - Reese Bass FX Tutorial 7 - Filtered Choir Pad Tutorial 8 - Rhodes Melody Tutorial 9 - String Sounds & Key Change Tutorial 10 - Distorted Lead Tutorial 11 - Vocal Processing Tutorial 12 - Arranging the Intro Tutorial 13 - Intro Vocals Tutorial 14 - Intro Risers Tutorial 15 - Main Groove Edits Tutorial 16 - Arrange to the Breakdown Tutorial 17 - Breakdown Arrangement Tutorial 18 - Arrangement to the Outro Tutorial 19 - Outro Arrangement Tutorial 20 - Drum Fills Tutorial 21 - Crashes, Splashes and Stabs Tutorial 22 - Mixdown & Tweaks Part 1 Tutorial 23 - Mixdown & Tweaks Part 2 Tutorial 24 - Mixdown & Tweaks Part 3 Tutorial 25 - Basic Mastering PLATFORM: Ableton DURATION: 04h 30m LEVEL: Intermediate TUTOR: Graham Ginty HOMEPAGE http://www.sonicacademy.com/Training+Videos/Course+Overview//How-To-Make-Drum---Bass-2012-using-Ableton-Live---How-To-Sound-Like-Netsky.cid5278 DOWNLOAD Uploaded.net Download via uploaded.net Container PW: soundz
  15. Ableton Live 8 for sale £200 ONO please email me if interested on [email protected] Thanks
  16. Preferably with Massive FM8 or Omnisphere(lol) WELL the zippy upload thing wasnt working so heres a youtube link:
  17. Electrobonix_

    Ableton Suite 8.1.3

    Ableton Suite 8.1.3 Working as of 01/14/2013 http://rapidshare.com/files/381536221/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part01.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536319/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part02.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536366/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part03.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536445/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part04.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536606/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part05.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536620/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part06.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536684/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part07.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536794/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part08.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536790/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part09.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536848/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part10.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536998/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part11.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536990/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part12.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381537061/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part13.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381537117/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part14.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381537138/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part15.rar.html http://rapidshare.com/files/381536159/Ableton_Suite_8.1.3.part16.rar.html
  18. so no one made the thread yet, I figured I would at least get the basics in the works. we should establish rules here in this thread before we actually start it, and make teams and what not. soo.. I run FL (not saying I'm team captain, thats my DAW!) and my suggestion for a rule: Tempo change must be included in the track. whos down?
  19. Hey, I'm new to producing in ableton. I've been looking for drum packs for the instrument "Impulse" cause all the samples that ableton gives you isn't that good. Thanks for your help!
  20. Great Tutorials videos on how to produce a track. I hate when people don't share good websites when i comes to production, so i found this one that help a lot. www.howtomakeatrack.com
  21. taylormacmillan

    Fattening a mix on ableton

    When recording a mix with my NS6, it's always very low sounding and someone told me i could fatten up the waves using ableton without sacrificing quality. anyone have any idea how to do this? any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance(ganja3)
  22. I'm not an "absolute" beginner but I might as well be. Most of my knowledge was learned hands-on. Any thoughts on where I should start learning from basics to advanced or something?
  23. Fendervogel

    Ableton set-opening problem

    hi guys, so what's been happening to me the last days is the following: Once i open a new set Ableton always loads this old stupid 2 bar drumloop i made ages ago. So when i open a new set i start with deleting all of this before i can get to start a new project. Has anyone got any ideas on how to solve this? Thank you in advance... (ganja3)
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