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Hey guys ! 

So, i was wondering what would be the best workstation for me, because my laptop just isn't good enough.. :(
Any advices on what computer or hardware should i concider buying next ?

What kind of PC's or laptops are you guys using ( Processor, RAM, HDD, SDD, etc. ) ? 
Maybe some of you can help me with the choice of my new PC 


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running FL Studio 11, which is using 2 GB RAM max. (or 4 GB RAM in enhanced mode), so the program itself wont to able to use more than 4 GB anyway. ive got 8 GB RAM and an older i7 with around 4 x 2,7 GHz in a tower pc, more than enough to run everything i need smoothly.


please keep in mind that youll need an external interface (or a soundcard, but thats oldschool) to properly process the sound.


HDD does not have a set value. ive got a lot (and i mean A LOT) of samples (including everything from my maschine mikro), so my whole production-folder is about 500 GB big. 1 TB HDD should be enough for all and everything to come unless youve got several complete packages of plugins.


ive bought all of this years ago and spent less than 500 EUR. tower pcs are normally less expensive than laptops.


hope this helps!

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What are you using for your DAW? Some DAW's depending on 32 or 64bit can only use a certain amount of ram. I'm a mac user but i can say get a intel machine. AMD processors and audio don't do well. The post above pretty much is great info and i don't have much to add.

USB interfaces are pretty inexpensive these days and should be considered. On my mac i removed my DVD drive and put a SSD in it's place which i use for all my audio files. Some software will cache on your HD by default but running another HD for your audio files works nice.

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