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Where to begin as an absolute Ableton beginner?


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I'd recommend watching tutorials based on what type of music you like, also trying to find some nice free samples and VST plug-ins to work with. Follow a few tutorials step by step so you can learn to build song structures - once you've grasped the basics you can be more creative and adapt your own style.

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What are DAWS?

Digital Audio Workstation

He did mention Ableton so that's a fail on my part :)

The only way to learn is by trial and error and you have to be willing enough to read and watch the 1000's of tutorials are out there. To many people lose interest when they start to find things a little hard. You need persistence!

There are lots of Ableton project files you can download for free, some are good and others aren't, but at least they give you an insight in to how other people go about creating a track.

Get the basics worked out and then start looking in to external VSTs.

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Ok, I've read the Ableton User Manual for 8, I've followed the Sonic Academy tutorials but I'm a DnB/Drumstep/UK Hardcore guy. I can think of how I want a song to go but when I can't match the sounds/beat in my head I get frustrated and work on something else...

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I usually start with the drums, then work my pattern into that. I will make shitloads of different variations on the beat too just to try stuff out.

Even if you can't find that exact sound you're looking for, it's not a bad idea to just try and get the melody onto paper with like a stock synth so you can go back later and tweak the actual sound of the melody but not have to worry about coming up with new stuff too.

Honestly, ableton is so hard it's intimidating at times. That's why I've stuck with FL. Also FL has shitloads of built-in stuff that I've been sleeping on for a while. Just now going back and getting into using Harmor some. (diff topic, anyway moving on)

I think my advice is really standard regardless of what DAW you're using. As someone else said, don't give up! That's the easiest thing to do but it's totally worth it to just grind it out and not give up on ideas.

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word.. the easiest thing to do is give up, since everything can be pretty daunting and overwhelming when you first open the program. but once you get just a basic understanding of where a few things are, you'll be able to start putting everything together yourself over time as you learn more techniques, and you find your own creative profile :)

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