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whats the difference between midtempo and glitch hop


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Maybe it's the Chaos in glitch's drums that make it Glitchy where as mid tempo can go into more groovy repetitiveness.

+ the emphasis on Bizarre massively effected noises and random sound recordings in glitch and mid tempo stuff can go without that I think

Anyway that's what I'm saying :P

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Nooope... Midtempo refers to the BPM. I usually categorize anything between 80BPM and 119 BPM as midtempo. Midtempo usually has a broken-beat, but thats certainly not a rule. Glitch-hop would be a subcategory of midtempo, and a very blurred subcategory at that.

How does one differentiate between glitch-hop and various other midtempo subcategories? Its really just the feeling of the song. Usually I put my more crunchy, body-rockin midtempo into glitch-hop, and keep my smoother, more psychedelic midtempo in my "deep groove" subcategory, and my funk-inspired wobbly stuff in my "funk" section. I also keep a "downtempo" section for stuff thats a little more mellow.

To be honest, I think that one's categorization shouldn't be limited by other's perspectives. I separate tracks based on what I'd like readily available during a particular set. If I'm playing a deeper, trippier set, I'd rather not sort through a bunch of Excision and Datsik to find something thats going to mix well.

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everybody know that midtempo is in the range of 90-110 bpm , like I said , its only the drumline that make the difference midtempo is 4x4 - glitch hop , moombathon,moombahcore and zook bass is 4x4 with a moombah drumline (snare in 2 and 3 ) and giltch hop , well you can make the difference

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