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What is IDM/Organic?

Walter Wonkite

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So this is a tough one to tackle honestly, because Organic/IDM music varies very greatly in it's styles of production, sounds, and flows throughout tunes. The easiest ways to spot Organic/IDM is through the many uses of psychedelic soundscapes that are produced with a great depth of sound and essentially take you on a journey. This style of music is very unrestricted by tempo, and as such will be the most BPM lax of the midtempo section. There are typically very organic sound samples (hence the name) such as water dripping, birds, and other various aspects of nature, which seems to be a recurring inspirational theme for this genre. Wobbly basslines can dominate the soundscape, but rarely will it appear as being the driver of the song. There can be plenty of strange chopped up vocal samples , drips, drops, bleeps, bloops, and basically anything else that will amount to borderline sensory overload. 

some examples of IDM/ Organic







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On 3/2/2023 at 8:23 AM, Wolf said:

never heard of it personally.

I read an article from an artist or somewhere once (unfortunately I can't find rn) that helped me understand music around a 140 BPM with "organic sound samples" & psychedelic heavy bass electronic sounds could fall under Psy Bass.  It made sense to me as I was looking for a genre to place a lot of music like this.  After you posted your response I searched the internet for anything that could back this up and found many of the internet music sites have Psy Bass as a genre, however, not all of them fall under my above description.  I was surprised because I've been sold on this title as a genre.  Even though I couldn't find a lot of evidence it makes a lot of sense to me as there is tons of music like this that approximately falls under a 140 BPM.  Which would pull it out of Midtempo.  It also makes logical sense to me with the mutation of Psychedelic Electronic music i.e. Psytrance, Psybient, Psy Chill, Psydub etc.  I place most of the 140 range matching Walter Wonkite's nice and clear description for IDM/Organic under Psy Bass in my own records.  I realize that his description mentions that it is a Midtempo genre unrestricted by tempo. 

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