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What is Experimental?


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@Wolf yes we have had this discussion a few times.


As I have said before, @TR0LL please hit the report button when you notice it and put HT or E in the report and I will move them. 

It looks like this issue was; an over posting of questionable tunes in halftime led to a large amount of threads moved by @Jim Hopper to experimental early in it's hype. I helped move a few too and sort through some of the reports. No one has reported the Experimental tracks to be moved back to Halftime when identified, and leaving "not this subgenre", "where it should go" on the thread also doesn't help unless you tag me or another mod specifically so we can be notified to move it. 

These genres mix well together; Experimental, Halftime, Westcoast Bass, Hybrid Trap. So Im not surprised it's a bit messy. Everyone keep chipping away on those reports and this place will be cleaned up in no time


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