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Wave Racer style production?


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anyone have any tips or ideas on how he get's that sound?!

Sup homie,

I met wave racer outside of his gig in Miami. As per my natural curiosity and predisposition to being annoying af, I asked him how he produced his tunes. His answer:

Sylenth is his primary synth probably because arpeggios are dumb easy to make through their engine, watch a couple tutorials. If you want to make lush wobbles (i.e. flume, wave racer, odezsa thats what I call modulated square/saw waves) use Massive, detune a couple oscillators or just one, use at least two (imo) two give it a more full sound. Then to expand even more use dimension expander, add reverb, compress, then compress more, you probably know all that stuff. To modulate, either add LFO's to the amps of each individual oscillator or just do it on the master amp, top right of the massive screen. says amp.

He said (and you can hear) that he uses a shit ton of percussion and FX in the background some probably almost inaudible but it adds depth to the tracks. White noise is a must. Trickling bells and fairy dust type stuff you'll be wave racing yourself in no time.

Reverb on your claps and other drums but not kicks (for kicks try to use tight dubstep style or trap style kicks)

Obviously sidechain everything...

Also obviously use Yoshi samples...

PM me what you come up with.


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