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In this thread i will post some mix down tutorial video's and articles.

I highly recommend checking out this page for mixing tutorials as it contains 25 sweet videos. Ranging from phasing to enhancing your mix.


5 common mix down errors:

Creating space in a mixdown with Faure

Complete mix down tutorial!

Ableton Live Tutorial: Mid/Side Mixing Techniques (Point Blank)

Should be useful for at least a few (ok)

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These are awesome her goes a few mixing tips that have helped me.


25. You can use a sidechain-equipped gate to pull the timing of layered parts together, for instance, backing vocals. For example, if you have two parts that aren't completely tight together, run them both to a bus, insert a gate and then use the better timed version to trigger the sidechain of a gate, so that the gate only opens when it plays, making the two sound in time.

damn that sounds good, simple yet effective

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