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To: Everyone with lots of sample packs


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CLLV fam: i need your help.


i was working on a beat for an album we just started (preview below) end of 2015, when my HDD died. so my last backup of all my samples etc was from june i think, so the sample i used mustve been in a pack i downloaded since june 2015... check out the preview and if im lucky one of you guys has the sample pack i got this from.

the beat i made plus the lyrics we wrote were straight up fire and we had a few (read: A LOT OF) requests for this song and i have been back and forth through my entire sample library literally 5000 times trying to find it again to replicate this one. PLEASE, if someone knows which sample pack this is from, HIT. ME. UP.

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pretty sure i pitched it down to 80bpm, couldve been a house sample at 120bpm or something, NO CLUE AND IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY

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the piano/chords is the only sample in there, the rest is drums and bassline, which are easy to replicate.


i have no idea where the sample pack is from, as i was (and still am) downloading packs from everywhere and putting them into some sort of test folder in my FL11 library

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