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THAT UPRIGHT!!!( document one/calyx teebee)


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Ok So i consider this sound to be pretty much one of the sexiest things ever created and I must know how it is made, and also which vst or analog synth would be ideal for making such a treat. The sound is used in the basslines of tracks like; pure gold-c&t, Long Gone-c&t, Run the Block-Doc One, Jazz Club-Doc one. 

Yeah so im sure there is all kinds of ways to go about making this sound, any insight would be greatly appreciated!


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Wish I could help you man, some of those upright basslines are SEXY!  I have longtime been wondering what Calyx and Teebee used in their tune Pure Gold, it's one of my favorite uses of an upright bass!  

Not 100% on topic here, but you wouldn't happen to be the Phibes of Phibes DnB?

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find a song with a soloist playing the upright bass.
download it. Import into DAW.
chop it up with a slicing plugin.
Organize the sliced audio through MIDI into a funky ass shakin' rhythm.

SUBBASS: (Correct way)
Make a sinewave subbass patch
Match the subbass to the same key of each sliced upright bass sample being played.... :ras:....
^^^ if that's not your cup of tea there is kiiiiinda a way out...

Import another instance of the same upright bass sample. 
Chop it up in a slicing plugin like before.
copy the midi from the first instance you made earlier. 
Pitch it one octave lower. -12 semitones
Slap a lowpass filter on it and cut out all mids and highs. 
Compress it so it's louder and shit. 

.....Play both sliced files together. 

(I'm sure there is some reverb and stereo treatment but that's besides the point of how it works.)

Post your results guise. 

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Siiick thank you so muchChodibeatz. can I ask you another question? I often try to do it the right way, but I have noticed indescrepincies between low octave notes, I have a krk 10 sub, which makes a decent but not great reference, So my question is, is this common that for instance an A0 is absolutly banging and shaking when sustained, yet a G0 is almost inaudible, Is this an issue of low propagation due to a weak driver and cabinet design? or is this the actual synth having trouble with wider intravel range at lower freqs?

thanks so much!

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