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Skins - CLLV free release - Production video


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In this video I'm starting out on my free release for the CLLV label. I have no idea if this is going to be the final track or if anything really good is going to come out of it, but I had a pretty okay start haha. 

Anyways the idea was that I would record the whole process for you to watch. Let's make something awesome in the next couples of videos! 

Any comments, idea's or otherwise? Leave them in the comment section.

No promises on the end result (and all the fuckery in the middle) but I hope you'll enjoy.


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13 minutes ago, Lunatick said:

Hahahah ja ik werd ineens gebeld. 
Gotta end it somehow right haha

Anyways I remember there was this great plugin for that .. ill try and recall the name. Might see how that sounds haha and maybe integrate it somewhere. Thanks btw! :D

http://illformed.org/ = > Glitch 2 maybe? you can do the same in Gross Beat, but for some reason that vst feels too limited.

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