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Royalty-free lyrics i made


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made some lyrics, gonna share them here and use them for anything you want.. copy paste, steal it or anything just do it ;)



oh help me i've gone insane
all my life i'm filled with pain
lost everything with nothing to gain
let's all cut to another day
one, two, three, four.. let's all fill this room with paint
on the walls and on the floor
on my bed till it's all red
one, two, three, four.. let's all wish that we were dead
paint your wrist and paint your head
light a smoke and burn your dread

lord.. forgive me for what i'm gonna do
i never was so true to you
all my life has been dark and blue
why the fuck is everyone cruel
lord.. forgive me for what i'm gonna do
i can't help it and i can't stand it
living my life like someone stranded
now my life i'm gonna hand it
throw me in hell or wherever you want
i am just a stupid cunt
i'm holding on to my little gun
it's on my head and soon i'm dead

bang! bang! goes my gun
it didnt hit but i'm having fun
maybe i'm dead, it's just a hunch
but now i'm out of snacks to munch
now i'll call my friends to.. cry on the phone to say goodbye
i thank them for the love they gave
but deep inside i can't be saved
sent my pic to my little mistress
told her i loved her and don't be stressed
go find a guy who's not depressed
please be happy my little princess


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