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Producers: What do you want to learn? [2017]


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On 9/25/2017 at 4:49 PM, panique said:

i would really like to learn how to produce dubstep

i have terrible ADHD so i usually end up never getting started because i keep changing the first drum

from there, I've never learned basic sound design or arrangement.

i had logic on my other MacBook, but no DAW on this one currently, i liked the way logic was set up, but I'm curious if i should look to other DAWs for use of workflow.

My roommate/producer friend/partner in crime ( @Space Kraft) also has ADHD and struggles with that too. But what I can say is...once he finds focus on a track.....he TAKES OFF.


And if he can, you can. 



He and I have been studying distro spund design for a while and can really help with that if ya ever want some one on one or something!

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Following this one. I just started (September) a 3 year course in Sound Design COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH. I have no background in any of this whatsoever. WTF was I thinking. Anyway we'll see where it leads me. Maybe I'll double the first year just to be sure. It's 2 lessons/week - in the evening - and an open class every Saturday (but you can basically come to class whenever it's open). I didn't go with the intention for music production per sé. Just to have a general understanding about sound and how to use and manipulate it.

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