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Multiple Sub Synth Clipping


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whatever you are trying to do, to me it sounds completely complex and unnecessary. are you sure were talking about the same thing there? sub bass is the lowest part of the frequency-range, giving your tune the power around the low end, the part that you rather feel than hear. is that really a part of your song that you want to have some crazy-complex melodies, pitch bends and stuff like that going on?

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I dont use them to keep them on the same levels, i use seperate ones so that i can do different pitch bends and glides. if i wanted to have only one sub bass i would have to do some crazy pitch bend automation.

Okay, I see. Then I guess the only solution would be not to have release. Or ofc to tweak the separate sub their releases to make sure they have release; but dont overlap.

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ok. the best way to do subs:

1. use 1 sine wave.

2. don't let the notes overlap.

3. no attack and no release it has to almost be a tone that is instant unless you have an LFO on the bass and want it to follow it.

4. don't use much processing on the sub because you will most likely fuck it up.


when you have done that use a sidechain compressor to keep it out of the way of the kick and any other sub hits you might have.

you then should add a filter and low pass it at around 100 - 110 hz.

anything over that is not really needed and a lot of the time clicks you might hear are from the midi triggering the sub.

this should help. if not make sure it's not going over in the synth or the channel. if it's clipping in the synth then i might sound bad!

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