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How do I upload these new wav files I bought?


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Jim Hopper

@l1nkdubstep This post has a great breakdown of how to post tracks, including the acceptable file quality standards and hosting options:


Please also make sure all tracks get posted in the correct sub-genre sections. If you aren't sure of where a track belongs, please post it here first for assistance with where to post it:


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that's good guidance thanks. I'm fairly confident about the sub-genres. I mean I don't a see any buttons or anything that say upload on this menu. just technically how


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@ Kawaii  can hook you up with a free premium account to use on Beatexs.com.

Once you have the details, simply go to the website and Upload there. 

Once upload is done on Beatexs, copy the link and paste it directly into your post. It will automatically embed it self. 

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@l1nkdubstep You should have paid more attention to the replies you received here. @ Jim Hopper directed you to the rules thread, including rule #7 which you violated dozens of times. @ Wolf  instructed you to simply paste your beatexs links into the body of your posts, that it would embed itself. You decided to ignore that and embedded the links anyways, leaving your threads corrupt and useless until edited by a moderator. 

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