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How do i make an intro for a hip hop/rap song?


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a few tips i can give you that ive gathered over the last 10 years actively making rap music myself:

- short intros. i dont care how dope your beat is, if the intro is >20 seconds, people more likely tend to skip your song after a few plays because of it. same goes for minute-long beat-only outros. same goes for vocal samples or skits as intros. tend to get boring after a few times.

- dont start with the hook after the intro. few years ago i thought the hook should play as often as possible: intro, hook, part 1, hook, part 2, hook x2, outro. dont do that.

- try to get into the song as quickly as possible and use as little elements of the beat as possible. quick synth hits, sample, drop in the drums without the kick with a nice snareroll and then drop the beat.

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