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How can i get this kind of synth with ableton ?


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Choose some oscillators. Probably want one a Sine -12st for some sub (bypass the filters to keep it pure). Drop the sustain and shorten the decay on the envelope(s), probably assigned to the cutoff to give you a pluck. Monophonic sound. Maybe even quick pitch envelope at the start with no sustain and quick decay.

Like RobotnikDubstep said, probably worth studying a preset and working it out for yourself. Just search for any generic 'Deep House Bass' and you'll find what you're looking for.


If you're looking to purely use Ableton and not any 3rd party plugins, assuming you've got Suite - Analog and Operator could easily make that sound. I think there's even a preset for one of them called 'House Bass' - if you search in Sounds > Bass, you'll find it there.

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