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Hey Yo - SkankstaH


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Hey folks!

  You can call me SkankstaH. I'm pretty much self-taught DJ from Estonia, I love DnB and tech-house vibes. Mostly mixing neurofunk, rollers, dancefloor and sometimes liquid. I got into DJing because of couple my friends who have played on DnB events in Estonia. They taught me mixing 101, like the basics of beatmatching and stuff like that in couple of hours and from there I've been grinding it myself. Every now and then I get some suggestions from them. 

  So I've been listening DnB only about 6 or so years, so I'm kinda new in that scene. Have been mixing since oct/nov 2020, so also a newcomer. Just gonna leave my souncloud link below ;)

Thanks for having me. 

SkankstaH's SoundCloud

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4 minutes ago, AndroidConnor said:

Welcome ! .. always have big respect for DnB DJ´s, genre i listen for long time but never had guts to actually mix it, hope you will have good time here man 

You should just go for it, trust me, just try it at home, if you are regulatly mixing other genres, you'll be surprised 👌👌

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