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Hello, I am a DJ and Producer from Olympia Washington, Lets go, SBK All F*cking day!


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SBK stands for Skateboardkid, I mostly DJ Hybrid trap and West Coast Bass Music, but I also love drum and Bass, techno, speed house, french ragga-tek, breakcore jungle, hip hop, twerk, trance, neurohop, pirate metal, Deep dark and dangerous styled dubstep, techno, chill psychedelic vibes, future garage ect.  This is an incredible resource for people looking for good music and I am so glad to be a part of this community.   I raide the twerk section and even tho there are no new tracks, I am finding so many gems I used to play out.  I DJ'd with Ableton for almost 10 years and have recently made the switch to Rekordbox, I lost a good a mount of music in a HDD failure, but not everything is backed up on a 2TB dropbox and I can round out the collection more.  Like my post So I can start posting quicker, I got tons of old trance, and some really underground hybrid trap I want to share with everyone. Thanks have a great day.  

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