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Hello there I'am ViruS, you can call me ViruS I am also known as ViruS.

Anyways I like Drum and Bass the most and Jump Up in particular. My favorite artist is Noisia, sadly they are going to stop as Noisia. I too like Dubstep/Riddim and House, when I say I like a genre I also mean the sub-genre's in that genre. I also have a turntable that I use very often, I am trying to play in some clubs in my home town. I got the Pioneer DDJ-1000 with Rekordbox. Playing games is also something I love doing, I got a really good gaming PC as we speak, I even got a vr headset (HTC VIVE.) I also like to smoke weed/hasj with my friends in the weekends. And I grow it my self. I also got a big collection of playing cards, got 400 decks as of writing this post.

If you wanna know more about me, just ask me a question about my life. I love to answer all the questions I get.

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