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Have to start from scratch, trying to get into Hybrid Trap


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Seeing as I lost all my previous works/samples/loops/stems and I'm trying to get back into making music, albeit in a new genre that has grown on me, I'm here to ask you all what sample packs, loops, and/or VSTs would be best in your opinions to work on Hybrid Trap songs? I don't want to go off downloading and scouring for a whole bunch of random things that will never be touched so I'm asking first. Any help is much appreciated :)

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Sorry it took me so long to reply to this!

If you don't subscribe to splice, you need to start. It's an amazing resource for producers of any genre, and will help you find the sounds you need.

But essentially you're wanting to focus on hip-hop/trap oriented soundpacks, and dubstep soundpacks. 
Meanwhile, always grab foley packs, percussion packs, vocal packs, and FX packs. 

Genre fundamentals-wise, you're wanting to focus on heavy hitting kick/snare patterns with complex top percussion racks and rolling hihats.
Use gritty synths for bass textures, and dubstep growls for stabs. 

And one of the most important features of hybrid trap: a dope vocal chop.

Feel free to ask more questions! I'll reply sooner I promise! xD

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