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54 minutes ago, xsploit said:

whats the different in halftime from drumstep, can someone show me in a daw

The terms are almost interchangable, or they were at one point, the lines are much more defined these days and drumstep is kind of a thing of the past.

Drumstep takes elements of dubstep, like the drum pattern/bass, but the BPM is what your typical Drum & Bass is at (174/87) i.e Drumstep.

The first drumstep song that really made it big on the DnB scene was Hazard - Wicked So, which was a Jump up song at halftime. Then Hold On (Sub Focus Remix), Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix) and Friction - Someone (The Prototypes remix) were the pinnacle of that sub-genre. It was all down hill from there and that style of drumstep fell into obsecurity around 2013/14.

Producers who were not interested in the dubstep style sounds put their own spin on it. devoting a lot of time and effort in pushing something new and different, for example Ivy Lab. What they produce can not be considered "drumstep" because there is no influence from dubstep other than the drum pattern, so everyone just called it what it was "Halftime". Halftime drum patterns are common in every sub-genre of DnB today but "Halftime" crosses genre barriers and doesn't just have to be drum & bass BPM, which is why it's kind of it's own genre but largely still sub-genre of dnb.

EDIT; Sorry I didn't actually answer your question. The only difference between the two is one uses influences of dubstep and one does not. Exact same drum pattern hovering around the 150/180 BPM range,

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12 minutes ago, xsploit said:

i thought the drums patterns were slightly different or a different time signature

Well obviously drum patterns will differ but the basic premice is a 2 step structure with a kick on the first and 1st and snare on the 3rd.

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