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Getting back into production, where do I start?


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52 minutes ago, Rad Ed said:

GET SKULL CANDY HEADPHONES  you put a battery in and you can feel the bass in the song as it hits your ears! they were designed for quality they were designed for skaters and surfers

I hope you're trolling rn. 

DONT these lmao

These fall into the same category as beats. 

You're wanting something that is going to be "flat rate response" 

Even high quality Pioneer DJ headphones are shit for production because they are distortion based headphones

...Just wanted to clarify this being people are actually coming to this thread for insight, not thrown in the wrong direction intentionally


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On 5/2/2019 at 8:07 PM, TR0LL said:

I got a on the beta testing for Serato Studio last night...

The future of learning music production just took a step in a new direction where music theory isn't needed as heavily was it once will have. 

This is fucking crazy (I still ableton with it) 


Can you elaborate? I'm going to school for Audio Engineering at the moment and the classes here are heavily focused on Music Theory in the beginning. I am struggling a bit to comprehend everything yet, I find myself understanding things once I'm actually in front of a keyboard and playing chords. This comment sparked my curiosity so I'm interested in finding out 

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