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FL Studio or Ableton?


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I use Ableton 11 (been using it since 8) and what I can say is, that Ableton can feel slightly “outdated” with its  simplistic UI, and can feel kind of overwhelming, with how you add instruments, samples etc.

But when you start figuring out how the program works, I think it might be the best DAW out there, to coming up with ideas. It's because Ableton has something called Session view. It lets you create multiple midi clips or adding samples in one channel, so for example if you have a Drum pattern, and you want to create variations to this pattern. You can add new clips on the same channel, and when you switch from pattern 1–2, it stays on beat instead of ending abruptly. Which let you hear how the different variations and how they would function in the mix, it's great when you're kind of clueless and just want to jam or sound design. It can also be used in Live settings, hence the name Ableton Live.  And then you got arrangement view which basically where you write your track. 


The default plugins are  very powerful, if you've listened to Culprate before, almost all his bass noises are made in Operator which is a wave table synth (like Serum & Massive).  And the default plugins are good enough to get you going, so you don't have, to start looking for VST's and deal with that in the start. 

There is probably a lot more I could add, but tbh you should just try out both DAW's and see which one you prefer. Ableton has a 90-day free trial on the Suite version (which cost  around $700), and I bet that FL has a demo version you can try out for free too. So if I were you I would DL both, watch some beginners tutorials on how to get started in both programs. Go for preset sounds and stock samples, so you don't have to fuck with making sounds etc.  And try to learn the key bindings fast, it will improve your workflow 100x.

If you want unique samples etc, I think Splice might offer a 30-day trial too.

Good luck, and don't be Impatient, and just keep on practising on making music, and you will eventually get the hang of it. 

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I have and use both. I'm far more proficient in FL and use it more often. It all comes down to what you want to do and how your workflow is. Found out when it came to messing around and just goofing off with an idea FL was way more user friendly and made the most sense to create. The channel rack and piano roll are really helpful if you are an arranger or visual learner. Ive spent hours laying down fun patterns and basses just alone in that with ease. (Also free updates ;) )   If you are going to collab and pass projects Ableton has more users and tutorials.

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I would suggest going for what ever suites You better GUI wise... since in the end, You are the one that will stare into that blank canvas every time you start another project... however, i guess we all have different opinion... for example You can use FL for project, Ableton and Cubase for mastering as i heard those are way better than FL... personally i use FL since version 3.. it is user friendly, there are enough tutorials and guides, tons of supported vst-s etc. :drinks:

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