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Earplug recommendation for festivals?


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I visit clubs and festivals quite often and I would like to protect my hearing, so I decided to buy a pair of hifi earplugs. After researching on the internet, I've found out that it's impossible to decide which are the best earplugs because of the sponsored and misleading self promoting articles.


Anyhow, I've bought v-moda faders that claims to recode the sound by 12dB. All websites claim that their earplugs let you listen to music in high quality while protecting your hearing, yet I feel like I lose too much of the high frequencies with the v-moda. Overall I am ok with them, but if there is something better I would upgrade for sure. One thing is funny about the v-moda, is that they look like earphones and people keep asking me what I am listening to. I usually tell them "Reggaeton" in the middle of a techno party. 😂

So my questions are:

- What earplugs you have?

- What's your experience with them?

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I've been using my pair from Earpeace for years now and I don't really have many complaints about them. Yes, you do lose some of the high frequencies with them and I myself have yet to find a pair that preserves a balanced sound throughout.

However, from my experience, it also depends on the club or sound system you're using them with. I was just at Ministry of Sound last weekend and with the earplugs in, everything still sounded fantastic.

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