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Not sure if this is allowed, if not please delete and let me know!


I am finally getting my production computer set back up and my studio back together after a few years hiatus; got my Mac wiped and set up as new and got all the plug ins I need (Massive, Serum and a few others) but I am now missing my copy of Ableton Suite. 


Knew this was going to happen but no way around it. I was admittedly using a pirated copy as I was just getting started and learning and would like to be able to continue to do so before I spend 500+ on Ableton out of my own pocket. 


Does anyone/can anyone point me in the right direction of maybe coming across a stable and nice copy of Ableton suite? I would forever be in your debt! And I promise I have purchased all of my other programs and software, just a little broke right now and would like to continue to use the DAW I have started learning on 


Thanks guys :)

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