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Creating Amen Breaks


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The best way I've found is to sample 2-4 bars of interesting breaks from songs and then rebuild the pattern in a drum machine.

Once you've got the rhythm down you can drag & drop different samples in until you've got it sounding like you want.

Adding a tiny bit of reverb to the whole kit does a lot to help it sound unified. Also don't be afraid to pan a little or pitch things around.

Once you've got one basic break make a couple versions with fills and add them in every 4-8 bars.

I've got one big project where I just dissect breaks. I usually just export / copy-paste loops from that into other projects.

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compression and saturation can make all the difference in making breaks you make from scratch sound a lot more coherent, in terms of making it sound like a freshly dug up break from the crates.

aim for more tape sounding saturation and shoot for ny styled compression. bus the compressed signal separate and mix it back into the original so you can preserve the transients but glue all the elements together. these two things combined keep it a lot more organic sounding.

in addition, sample selection makes all the difference. know what kind of sound you're aiming for. avoid using the 2010 era brostep vengence snare with more classical break elements to avoid clashing sounds, but feel free to experiment.

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