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Cody Cordova All-Original Mix


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Hello to all you beautiful people :man_in_love:

I just happened to release a 35 minute All-Original Mix of mine because I was tired of having no content out lol. I wanted to give people a sneak peak of what I've been working on these past couple months. So here is 30 unreleased tracks of mine (track list included). 

I hope you all enjoy :ganja3:


Cody Cordova All-Original Mix
1. Eye Can See
2. 2LiveMafia, Skonka Move Ya Body (Cody Cordova Remix)
3. Shake That Ass
4. No Limitations
5. Shake That
6. You Know I
8. Communication
9. Drop It Down Low
11. Endor - Sway (Cody Cordova Edit)
12. Gwen Stefani - Hollaback Girl (Cody Cordova Edit)
13. Choppin' 9's wit tha 2's
14. Dimensional Love
15. Drugs
16. Real Horny
17. Fergie - London Bridge (Cody Cordova Edit)
18. Michael - Bibi - Paradise (Cody Cordova Edit)
19. Don Pairion Perignon (Cody Cordova Remix)
20. Turn It Up
21. Down
22. C'N'C
23. Alot Goin' On
24. Lose This Love
25. Booty
26. Bop Bop
27. Vibes
28. Cody Cordova ft Ezzy - Wanna Play
29. WTB
30. uuts ad aahhts


Also let me know if you want any of these as MP3's or WAV to play out! I would love to bless all the fellow DJ's and music producers on here <3 

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