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Can anybody help me to get booked to play any shows in California


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hey guys im wondering if anyone can help me out im willing to put in the work I mostly have an online following and looking to build a local fan base or something like that. can't wait to play some of these tracks out live

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Best thing to do is Go to ever wkday show, bar, club ect and EVERY wkend Shows. Talk to the lead promotions about gigs and see if you cant fill some slots during the week. Its about getting out on foot. Do the same thing you do with your online, but at any and all events locally.  :ok: You want a Name, Make One! Ppl cant see you if you are not visible :D Go make yourself some promotional kitz, Info about yourself, music your playing with, Some usbz that have mixes or any tracks you want ppl to know you by. Maybe make up some business cards to leave with ppl while you are out n about. You NEED to get outside and see ppl friend.  :good2:

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9 hours ago, Sampler1 said:

idk how the OC club scene is, but im sure its not that different from neighboring counties

im borderline LA/IE, hmu if you wanna link or w/e

Yeah man I’d love to I’ll send you a message! Thanks!

6 hours ago, codycordova said:

What genres do you spin? Do you have an EPK or any mixes I can check out? I am based in Los Angeles but have family in Norcal (Sacramento) and Socal (San Diego and LA).



 The ERC20 one is all original music the other one is really old but still good

 I spin dubstep let me know what you think!

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