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Britney Spears - I'm a Slave 4 U (Cody Cordova Bootleg)


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@Wolf I have not! I just checked out some videos on Youtube and that place looks pretty sick! My manager is currently trying to get me booked all over! Kind of tough when first starting out, but luckily I have an EPK made. If you know the promoter/booking agent of that club you can send them my EPK here: Cody Cordova EPK and keep our fingers crossed haha! 


They can also email codycordova[email protected] to get in direct contact with my manager <3 

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@codycordova Nice tune man!  I'll give it a play this Saturday on my stream and then add it to a rotation.  I don't have a huge following or anything due to my focus on building a solid foundation first, but, I post Author and Title of all tracks as they are playing so hopefully I can get it to a few peoples ears and eyes.  :)  Keep em coming!  I have produced a few tunes but i kinda hold em to my chest.  lol  Anyways, Thanks for sharing this!!

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@Intrepidone thank you so much brotha! I appreciate it so much! I don't care if you have 2 followers or 2,000,000 I love anybody who fucks with my music! I'm very self critical when it comes to my music so getting kind words always makes me feel amazing haha 🙌 feel free to send me a link or give me a way to check out the stream and I'll send it to all my friends to check out 

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